A gentle smile on a milkman’s face

Hello friends,

Sharing a heart-touching story regarding the milkman’s effort to take care of his milk in the extreme weather condition at Nagpur (which is my native), approximately 46 degree Celsius in summer.

Yesterday, I went to Shri Krishna Dairy at Ramnagar to purchase some cottage cheese and milk.  Like other customers, I was in the queue and waiting for my turn as there was some mob in the dairy.

Meanwhile, a milkman came to deliver a milk to the shopkeeper.  The shopkeeper satirically told him that he is a big person.  The milkman gently smiled and replied very politely,‘Sir, what happened?  Does something go wrong that you are eulogizing me in this way?

The shopkeeper showed him a newspaper cutting, where some snapshots of the milkman have been printed.  The milkman gently smiled by looking his snaps in the newspaper.   He doesn’t know who has taken this, he replied.

The shopkeeper explained about the way he has taken care of his milk due to the hottest temperature in the city. The news reporter gave the exact message, how people protect themselves and their belongings in the worst condition, too; especially during summer. Some person like milkman hasn’t stopped working and perform their duty. No matter whether it’s summer, winter, or rainy season.

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Blog on user manual creation

Overview:  In today’s world, creating an attractive documents for the end user’s perspective is the basic need for the company.  User manual plays an important role to fulfill this gap. The user is intelligent but uninformed; hence, user manual is the fortified medium to provide thorough information about the process.  As per the client’s requirement, the updated latest changes should be maintained for the end user’s perspective.  It is necessary to maintain various version to update with a glimpse in the revision history.  Creating user friendly table of contents, references, indexing, appendices etc. are another important part.  By reading the following points get clear your idea –

Organisation Requirements –

Before proceeding your documentation work, make sure about the project requirements from the project coordinator, SME’s, QA-Lead, Team leader etc.  Demand for a proper knowledge transfer session and also ask for the requirement documents.  This helps to create a rough idea and also apply strategies yourself brainstorm and tree.  Make a rough flowchart in Microsoft MS Visio, it helps to understand the project flow.  Ensure the document template of your company preferably used, the font size, header & footer, company’s logo etc.

Making Questionnaire – 

During the knowledge transfer session use your active listening skills.  Make sure, the difference between hearing and listening.  Hearing is the perception of sound, whereas listening is attention to what is being said.  Prepare yourself to ask the open-ended questions rather than yes or no type.  These types of questions starts with how, what, why etc.  It might happens that Subject Matter Expert get off-track in between the KT session.  It is your responsibility to make him on the track so that you will get relevant information.  Collect information from concern developer, tester, or QA-Lead; so that it helps you to complete your task.

Follow the document development life cycle (DDLC) – 

Make sure about the DDLC checklist, this helps you the scope of the project.  The DDLC stands for 4 D’s i.e. define, design, development, and deliver.  Arrange the pre-engagement meeting with the SMEs for gathering the necessary data.  Implement the Waterfall method to complete your assigned task.  The Waterfall method completely follows the DDLC process as given below –


Figure 1 – Shows DDLC Process

 Make a rough draft.  For example, determine the audience and their goals, basic facts, strategy, tone, outline/page format/visual aids and finally production schedule.

Make a final draft of your work – apply strategies and style of your organisation, apply strategies to help yourself brainstorm & make tree, revise to help readers, comprehension.

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The Ultimate Goal of Life

The Ultimate Goal of Life
The life without goal is just like a vessel in the ocean without destination. Hence, each individual has his own goal because he knows for what purpose he is living, what is his interest, and how he will achieve his goal. Philosophically, life is nothing but to achieve,
i) Dharma.
ii) Artha.
iii) Kama.
iv) and Moksha.

We can imagine our life’s goal and for achieving that we can see objectives. Achieving small objectives are very helpful to achieve goal. It is just like “Penny penny makes many.”
It is very much important for an individual to set a goal because it gives us an injection of enthusiasm while living in day-to-day life. Each day is an enthusiastic to engage them in work for achieving goal.

The ultimate goal of life is to achieve something extraordinary, which a person want to live better life in the society with his family and friends. For instance, if Sachin Tendulkar decides not to play cricket well he will never achieve his goal to become a great batman in the world. Hence for achieving his goal he become set his objectives and that makes him a great cricketer in the entire world of cricket.
If the first Prime Minister of India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had not implemented five year plans (inspired by Russian Government) India would not have become to achieve the strong post in the United Nation. It is Nehru’s goal to become India-A powerful Asian country.

Ultimately, all the above things teach us that setting goal of life is as important as to live good life in the society. It gives us a direction to become great man in our surrounding place.


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Hello world!



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